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Quicksand Table Lamp

Quicksand Table Lamp

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Introducing our Circular Quicksand LED Clock—a fusion of sleek design and cutting-edge technology that transcends timekeeping. Immerse yourself in the innovative features that make this clock a statement piece for any space.


  1. Quicksand Display: Watch time come to life with our mesmerising quicksand display. 

  2. Circular Elegance: The light's circular design adds a touch of modern elegance to your surroundings.

  3. LED Illumination: Illuminate your environment with adjustable LED lighting. Choose from a spectrum of colours to suit your mood or setting, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

  4. User-Friendly Controls: Effortlessly customise your clock settings with user-friendly controls. Adjust the brightness, colour, and display preferences to tailor the clock to your personal taste, providing a truly personalised timekeeping experience. 

Immerse yourself in the artistry of time with the Circular Quicksand LED Light- a harmonious blend of form and function that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. 







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